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Marcos Morales Peláez

Professor of Biology and Geology and editor at

Marcos Morales Peláez (Riba-roja de Túria, Valencia, 1994) holds a Biology degree from the University of Valencia (2016). He contributes to several informative publications, such as the magazine Mètode and has an Inter-university Master’s degree in the History of Science and Scientific Communication from the University of Alicante, the Miguel Hernández University and the University of Valencia (2017). He also holds a Master’s degree in Secondary Teaching from the CEU University Cardenal Herrera (2018) and currently works as a biology and geology professor. 

He also has an extensive literary career, in which the following awards stand out: the 9th Benvingut Oliver Youth Narrative Award from the Catarroja Municipality, and the 165th “Ciutat de Torrent” Youth Narrative Award, which allowed him to publish the books Un cor trencat (2014) and A nou pedres de tu (2019).

Highly involved in the dissemination of Valencia’s natural heritage, the biologist has participated in a variety of works, such as The catalog of monumental and unique trees and endemic flora of Riba-roja de Túria.

Born from this need to inform, Aulabiología is a website of biological knowledge, presenting factual, updated and verified information from different fields of biology. Readers can find articles written in a way that is very easy to understand in order to help answer their questions and increase their knowledge.

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