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Carlos María Galmarini

Topazium Artificial Intelligence

Carlos María Galmarini is the founder of TOPAZIUM, an artificial intelligence platform that designs algorithms that are capable of analyzing swaths of data from all sources of medical research: universities, industry, healthcare system and patients. TOPAZIUM’s goal is to create a new and disruptive medical research model.

Carlos earned his medical degree from University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He completed an internship in clinical oncology at Marie Curie Hospital, Buenos Aires, and pursued two post-doctoral fellowships in oncology at City of Hope Hospital, Los Angeles, USA, and at Léon Beard Cancer Center, Lyon, France. He earned his PhD in oncology and his qualification to lead research teams from Claude Bernard Lion 1 University, France. 

He practiced medicine at Marie Curie Hospital and Carlos G. Durand Hospital, Buenos Aires, and held medical researcher positions in oncology at Rockefeller Medical School and Lyon Sud Medical School, Lyon, where he was appointed associate professor.

He later joined PharmaMar SAU, Spain as Head of the Cell Biology And Pharmacogenomics Department. He has authored over 120 publications in leading international scientific publications and written several chapters for a number of oncology books published by a variety of renowned publishing houses. In recent years, he has specialized in artificial intelligence and its healthcare applications.

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