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Alejandro Quecedo del Val

Writer and eco-social activist

Alejandro Quecedo del Val (Briviesca, 2002), began his journey as an ecosocial activist at the SEO/Birdlife Youth Board in 2017. He has represented Spanish youth at various climate summits, including the first UN summit on climate and youth, COP25, and Youth4Climate in Milan. He is currently collaborating with UNESCO to develop YoU-CAN, the global network of youth for climate action. The experience led him to think critically regarding the ecosocial crisis, which he explains in his book ‘Gritar lo que está callado’ (De Conatus).

He was presented the silver medal at the National Philosophy Olympics in 2019, the same year he received the Urbel literary award. He attended an International Baccalaureate high school program in Norway thanks to scholarships from United World College. He was also given the Yale Young Scholars scholarship and is currently studying Humanities, Politics and Sociology at the University of Sciences Po.

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