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15 September 2014

What’s Going on in the Robotics Laboratories of Top Universities?

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How do you design the future in a lab? Robots are one of the main elements mentioned in predicting potential future scenarios. In OpenMind we have already looked at some of these trends in robotics. But what is the process of research, discovery and consolidation of these revolutionary inventions like? We present an exciting initiative that brings us closer to the fascinating world of robots of the present and future.

Commonly, people outside of academia never get to know what is going on in university robotics laboratories. Thus in January 2008, EXPO21XX, an online exhibition company came up with the idea to create the Universities Robotics platform to offer university robotics laboratories a single channel to display their research projects to the research community.  The platform also sought to present new and ongoing research in robotics to the general public as global interest in robotics technology increases.

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Utilizing a cross-combinations of videos, photo and texts for exciting content and context, each university gets a virtual “stand” to display its projects, which in turn are displayed in “e-halls” thus offering potential customers an accurate, quick, and multi-dimensional overview of companies and products for maximum exposure.  The platform indexes more than 200 universities such as MIT, Harvard, CMU, ANU, Oxford, Cambridge, and many German, Canadian and Asian Universities.

Apart from bringing the message out there about the advances in robotics, the Universities Robotics platform has other benefits specifically tailored for students. Many in the industry use the platform not only to search for projects that fit their business models, but also as a tool to recruit recently graduated students to achieve their career goals.  The platform also provides a networking opportunity for new robotics laboratories, professors, students and companies to others who have excelled in robotics.

Lately, a Junior Robotics platform has also been designed, which focuses on the fancy and creative robotics projects ongoing in High Schools and various youth robotics groups worldwide.  Visitors to the platform include business leaders, technology developers, professors, department heads, research academics, teachers, management professionals, end users etc.

OpenMind invites you to delve into the world of technology, innovation and robotics through Robotic Universities and Junior Robotics, so you know first-hand what is leading the inevitable transformation that robotics is causing.


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