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Start Sandip Tiwari: “We really need to know how to live in a sustainable way”
25 June 2012

Sandip Tiwari: “We really need to know how to live in a sustainable way”

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Sandip Tiwari, director of USA’s National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network and author of the OpenMind community, thinks that in the longer term we probably will see developments in electronics and in life science that will affect humanity in a very different way.

“Most of the electronic machines what we work with today are static: they don’t change in the lifespan . They don’t learn new things, they don’t evolve in any significant way but we will see much more development of electronics”.

For Tiwari “life science is a completely open field and might treat, until what have now been incurable diseases. The approach that are being used in genomics for nanotechnology will serve to treat diseases like Alzheimers, that now are currently untreatable”

We really do need to learn how to live in a sustainable way, and not use excess amounts of energy. There are natural ways to create energy for example wind power. But wind power needs strong, lightweight turbines and nanotechnology allows us to manipulate this material to obtain these properties.

There is a very large disconnect in the rate which science moves and the rate at which public opinion is formed. I believe that we can get the best chance of arriving at the right answer if information is shared openly. Any effect, ill or positive, should be openly discussed and available for the people to think about and then there are representatives to serve our society making informed judgments about what society should be doing and what it should not.


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