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24 March 2014

Federico Casalegno: Connections

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In his article for the book “Ch@nge: 19 Key Essays on How the Internet is Changing our Lives,” Federico Casalegno outlines some interesting reflections on the implications for society from the current proliferation of “connections” coming from the ubiquity of the Internet.

New technologies have brought the Internet in to our immediate physical environment and we no longer need a computer for much of what we do. How will society evolve  when we can socially interact with our environment? What will happen to face-to-face human relationships?
In his article, “Designing connections”, the Director of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab considers how new technologies are part of the environment in which people develop their daily lives. Towns welcome new technologies to assess and manage information about people, to allow it to react in real time: like a living organism.


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