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Start Biggest Risks Stemming from the Artificial Intelligence Revolution
19 February 2019

Biggest Risks Stemming from the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

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In the time of the great technological revolution we live in, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is emerging as the great trigger for change. If we also combine its transforming potential with that of Neuroscience, what will the world be like? How far can the brain and the algorithms take us if they work together? The technical issues will still take a few years to be resolved, but what we know for sure today is that this scientific-technological binomial will bring up new risks.

Within the framework of protecting ourselves from those risks, questions concerning Human Rights arise. Will we be able to guarantee the rights of an individual in a world in which Neuroscience and AI allow us to “read or manipulate” the minds of others? Do we need to define new specific rights for that scenario?

In OpenMind we analyze the different faces of this burning debate in the event “Neurotech and AI: Do We Need New  Human Rights?”.

By Paz Palacios for OpenMind

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