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12 February 2015

Workplaces and Cyberworkplaces

4th section of the new book 'Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age' with articles by Peter Thomson, Herzog & de Meuron and The BBVA New Headquarters Team on topics like new ways of working, the new BBVA's multifaceted town or the culture of collaborative work. The need to generate higher quality, smarter, collaborative, flexible work, which brings enhanced satisfaction and a better work-life balance, has led to a revolution in working practices and management, embracing technology to develop new physical and/or virtual workplaces in keeping with these new demands. This section of the book looks at these concepts, and then explores them in more depth with reference to the specific example of BBVA’s new corporate headquarters, in terms of both urban and architectural development: technology and the design of the working environment are employed to drive the shift towards a far more flexible and open collaborative working culture that encourages collective intelligence and nurtures innovation.