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10 February 2015

The Impact of the Technological Revolution

First chapter of the new book 'Reinventing the Company in the Digital Era', that encompass 4 articles by Philip Evans, Kenneth Cukier, Geoffrey Moore and Haim Mendelson We are witnessing a fresh acceleration of technological change which is affecting the established ground rules within companies and across industries alike. In this unpredictable scenario Big Data is set to play a key role. This part of the book deals with how Big Data can be understood, how companies can deal with its impact, how it might affect society and government, and how it could be managed to harness its potential benefits. Taking a broader perspective, the authors included in this first section discuss the ways in which the technological revolution is rendering company and industry-wide structures obsolete, regardless of their success up to now. Business models must be rethought for a new setting that requires closer customer involvement, enhanced agility, and ongoing innovation.