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19 June 2012

Saskia Sassen in OpenMind 2012

Coinciding with the anniversary, the community organized the first meeting dedicated to knowledge and dissemination, in order to publicize and discuss the themes and content provided by The event included the presentation of the book Values ​​and Ethics for the 21st century by the Chairman and CEO of BBVA, Francisco González, the launch of the new OpenMind application for Ipad and the OpenMind 2012 debate with authors Sandip Tiwari, Saskia Sassen and Andy Miah. For Sassen, ethical problems manifest themselves particularly in cities, which are the epicenter of human relations. At a time where Smart Cities and sustainable cities are in vogue, Sassen argued that the greatest challenges will take place in the global city, where large contradictions are visible: "It is our responsibility to bring to light and make visible some systems that are functioning in a closed manner and out of citizens' control."