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11 February 2015

People, Talent and Culture

3rd section of the new book 'Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age' with articles from Chris Warhurst and Sally Wright, Celia de Anca and Salvador Aragon, Alison Maitland, and Stewart D. Friedman. The transformation of companies in step with technological and societal change is a task that has to be planned and carried out by people. The concept underpinning this section of the book is that job quality must be enhanced in order to encourage innovation. However, making better use of high-quality resources calls for changes in working practices and culture. Collaboration becomes the driving force for the digital era—co-creating, co-working, sharing, co-designing, and co-thinking—in a diversity rich framework that fosters creativity. One key factor of diversity is gender diversity. We must make the most of the inexorable shift towards different power relations among the genders, which is shaping new leadership styles and the rise of “soft power.” We also need diversity in professional and personal values and aspirations. Governments and—all the more so—companies should create a flexible work framework that accepts and encourages greater empowerment for individuals.