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13 February 2015

Leadership, Strategy and Management | OpenMind – “Reinventing the Company”

5th and last section of OpenMind's new book 'Reinventing the Company in the Digital Age' with articles from William K. Klepper, John P. Kotter, Henry Chesbrough, Carol A. Adams and Francisco González. If we are to adapt the company to a radically changed environment in which production functions, distribution channels, customers, markets and human resources are all different, we must also change the way we manage and lead our business. The leadership of the company must form a vision and strategy for change and provide a flexible, transparent framework: this way the entire organization can align itself with change, and the process can be properly directed. New structures must be created to support and encourage change while keeping the organization fully operational while the shift is under way. This transformation process requires opening up the company to a wide range of stakeholders and to the community at large, with a twofold goal: first, to set in motion an ongoing process of open innovation; secondly, to meet society’s demand for values, good practice, respect for the environment, and sustainability. The complexity of the process and the need for strong but open and inclusive leadership to bring it to completion is illustrated by the case study of BBVA, whose transformation is taking place in three closely interrelated domains: technology, corporate culture, and organizational structure.