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12 April 2013

It is All a Matter of Time

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There are no limits to human knowledge. It is all simply a matter of time. I think about a story I saw on TV about the various trips made by man to the moon. I still find it amazing to watch the images, again and again, that this was all possible.

Are there boundaries to human knowledge? The answer is simply no. The speed with which tremendous progress has been made in recent years in technology and medicine, among other things, results in us not realizing the extraordinary progress that we are living (yes, living, and first hand).

Like those citizens who first saw how the car began to move in Mannheim, in 1886, thanks to the invention by a man named Benz, or those who saw the first balloon go up (but then fall) in the sky at Aranjuez (my town) that was trying to be flown in Spain, by a certain Charles Bouche, in 1784. As well as like those who were there at the time when a certain Alexander Fleming, in 1928, managed to materialize all his knowledge and effort to turn a mold into a medicinal application through penicillin, which has revolutionized medicine since then, and we still use and are thankful for today. All these inventions or moments in History, which we can remember by doing a memory exercise, that we have studied and established in our mindset as unique, important and basic moments in the evolution of mankind… Why now, perhaps, do we not give them much importance? Why do we treat certain extraordinary things as being normal and not give them the value for what they really are: something unique, the product of man’s progress in the end?

An example: turning on the TV and watching high-definition images, from anywhere on the globe in your living room, is incredible and we see it as something completely normal that is part of our everyday lives. But stopping to think about how that can be really possible makes you look at the importance of that fact and its extraordinariness.

We are at a unique time in history, and perhaps we do not realize or do not stop to think about it. It will take decades for us, looking back, to really appreciate all the achievements that human knowledge has been making in recent years.  Everything happens so quickly that we miss the true content and significance of all this.

As for me, I’m going carry out a tiny individual reflection exercise: right now I have my cell phone, or smart phone or whatever you want to call it, in my hand. I wonder how it can be possible that such a tiny memory card can hold so much information (pictures, books, songs…). I still find it amazing. And you can see, hear, read…instantly… awesome!

Meanwhile, I keep thinking about it. I’m in Zahara de los Atunes on vacation. It’s getting hot. The image makes my hair stand on end… bright golden colors, the sun with a mitigating power, reflecting its rays in the mirror of the sea. The width of the beach getting the last throes of light on the day that is finishing…it’s all calm! In a second I post it on Facebook from here, while the wind caresses me with my feet planted in the sand.

Francisco José Cano

Risk Analyst, BBVA, Madrid (Spain)

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