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Start Andy Miah: “We are not fully aware of the impact of technology in the long term”
21 June 2012

Andy Miah: “We are not fully aware of the impact of technology in the long term”

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Andy Miah, Director of Creative Future Research and author in the OpenMind community, introduces the disruptive concept of transhumanism. 

Transhumanism is the way we have to improve our bodies and minds: “The idea of transhumanism reflects the way medicine, technology and science is allowing people to change their bodies and their minds, not just to make themselves well but to make themselves better than well”. A categorical example of this affirmation is its application to elite sports.

Miah assures that genetic doping will likely be a part of elite sports quite soon, because “the technology is available to do this and it will be able to be done safely. This is the main concern for organizations like the The World AntiDoping Agency

For Miah there are not any barriers from an ethical point of view whenever the technology is safe enough and affordable to people: “I think it might be obligatory for world sport to develop new kinds of enhancement, just to avoid athletes having to modify their bodies unsafely or taking something people know nothing about. We are not fully away of the impact of any technology in the long term”

Referring to the new challenges for the 21st Century, Miah considers that we become better in understanding the impact of climate change, or even the impact of using fossil fuels and to what extent we need to adjust their decremental impacts: “genetics is an area where there is a lot of uncertainty and just why governments would need to be more investment into it; to really come to terms with the long term implications”.

For Miah “we should not expect to know with great certainly the long term implication of any technological intervention, however the problem is if even we don’t use it we might bump into risks that could jeopardize our existence”.


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