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Start Events The Digital Revolution: Promises and Realities
19 April 2018 | Madrid,Spain

The Digital Revolution: Promises and Realities

The new technologies, scientific advances and democratization of access to information via the internet have reshaped democracy and individual involvement as well as the world's political and financial order. Fear of automation, robots and Artificial Intelligence are transforming employment, training and education. Uncertainty, discontent and mistrust are paving the way to populism at a time dominated by a collective feeling of perplexity. BBVA analyzes all of these challenges in the latest book in its OpenMind collection: "The Age of Perplexity. Rethinking the World We Knew." Data has set the route for this age and the Digital Revolution has made our mental frameworks obsolete- Political, economic and social actors must respond to the change, facilitate the transition and rethink seemingly up-to-now unquestionable convictions.