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Start Events Launching of the Book “The Next Step” in Boston
28 February 2017 | Boston, United States

Launching of the Book “The Next Step” in Boston

The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT) is one of the most internationally-renowned academic ecosystems in terms of research, technology and the future. With these credentials, it is not strange that OpenMind has selected it as the perfect setting to ponder: What’s the next step? and thus present the BBVA collection’s latest book, “The next step: exponential life”. Exponential life, a life marked by the progress of so-called exponential technologies is not science fiction, nor a possible exclusively future scenario because technologies are already among us that transform our lives in very different ways. In this article we have chosen 5 examples, explained by the authors of our latest book, to show why we can say that exponential technologies are already here.