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Start 8 Blockchain Careers Opportunities
21 February 2019

8 Blockchain Careers Opportunities

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Blockchain is widely used in businesses today for various applications. Businesses use it for smart contracts, paying employees and many other cases. In general terms, blockchain is an append-only transaction ledger. Businesses are getting more and more interested in blockchain technology because it’s believed to be the future of transactions and doing business.

Are you interested in blockchain? If yes, have you considered getting a career in this niche? There are some great opportunities and careers. Here are some of them:


This is a great, albeit starter, position in blockchain for anyone who wants to get started and learn. Many companies offer paid intern level jobs, especially on the West Coast. You may have to work on designing solutions for private blockchains, implementing software solutions for blockchain and Linux, pilot solutions for ledger technologies and developing use cases and proof of concept. Some things you might need to know are NodeJS, Go RESTful, APIs, Java, C++ and so on.

Project Manager

Companies are looking to develop blockchain solutions that will optimize the process. They need to communicate what they want between departments and firms so that their complex needs can be met. There is a lot of need for people who would work as project managers and facilitate projects that happen as the company gets more clients. This person will need to communicate and understand both the jargon communication and the regular one in order to talk to both parties. This person can plan and supervise execution of the project.


Blockchain developers have a lot of opportunities in the industry. Many companies need blockchain developers to build them blockchain platforms to provide better services and optimize their businesses.

“There is a need for developers to write code that will run these platforms. Some of the skills any developer will need will be Microsoft SQL server, Visual studio, MVC, AJAX, HTML, XML, MYSQL and many more,” says Sarah Medson, HR manager at Boomessays and Essayroo.

The Blockchain industry is generating several job opportunities in different fields. Image: Annie Spratt

Quality Engineer

This expert is in charge of all areas that need quality control. There is a lot of testing involved like manual testing, testing of the frameworks, dashboards and so on. They will also support mobile and all other engineering.

Generally, this professional will need to research and advise, develop, apply and maintain quality standard, define and implement strategies and so on.

Blockchain Legal

More and more companies are interested in the blockchain and this interest is only growing. “The number of companies in need of a blockchain legal services is too. Many attorneys in tech are getting calls from clients about various legal aspects of their business and they are in need of help on this uncharted territory. They face a lot of legal issues as they launch their blockchain and other related projects,” says Jordan Bill, recruiter at Paper Fellows and Academized.


New startups and businesses are all looking to use cryptourrency so there will be the need for more and more websites dedicated to informing customers and clients of what the company can offer in blockchain.

These companies will need web designers with knowledge of what a good blockchain website needs and who can come up with great interfaces that people will love. Usually, they will need to be skilled in the UX development, Sketch, PS, and Figma and create mobile friendly websites. The applicants need communication skills and knowledge about web design and marketing as well.


8 Blockchain Careers Opportunities 2019
Image: pixabay

If you want a lot of work and pay for yourself, then you might need to consider becoming a blockchain engineer. This person is responsible for creating and implementing solutions for companies that are using blockchain. They will need to study the tech needs of the company they are working for and create applications that will meet their needs. They will also need to work on assets and accelerators as well as setting up the company’s infrastructure and using ethereum and bitcoin. They may also analyse code and organize training for new employees. They will need skills like Java, Fabric, Python, bitcoin, Oracle, Ripple, Hyperledger and so on. As blockchain is only growing, there will be a lot of business opportunities for all kinds of engineers.

Consultancy and expertise

Businesses are also in dire need of expertise in blockchain. This is why consultancy or expertise jobs will be ruling the job boards soon. People need proper advice from those who really get the gist and the inside and out of the blockchain and doing business this way. Consider getting some advanced education and doing deeper dive into this subject to get these jobs.

Blockchain is now a big industry and it’s only going to grow. Consider some careers in blockchain if you are interested in any of these fields and look for good positions. Hopefully these tips will help.

Freddie Tubbs is a career advisor and recruiter


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