The Search for Europe: Contrasting Approaches

The Search for Europe, the eighth book in the series published annually by BBVA, aims to analyze and generate discussion on the present and the future of Europe and its integration project. Through 20 articles, 23 leading experts from around the world present their different ideas about Europe, in a simple and accessible way for the lay public.
European integration is an issue that affects not only Europeans but everyone in the world. Europe, as a whole, is now the leading economic and trading power in the world and also represents the most ambitious project of economic and political integration in history. Consequently both its achievements and its failures can have effects globally.
The book is divided into 3 sections:
1) The Economic Foundations of the European Project in which Europe’s situation and economic prospects are reviewed
2) Europe and its Nations,Politics,Society and Culture; this examines the problems of political articulation in the European supranational project together with its present national realities.
3) The Unresolved Limits of Europe and the New Global Powers which addresses issues of geopolitics and the external borders of Europe.

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