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Francisco José Cano Galán

Risk Analyst

Born in Madrid in 1973, Francisco José Cano Galán lives in Aranjuez. Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration from the UAM. I started working before I finished my degree, as a Risk Analyst at Fimestic (currently Cetelem), from 1995 to 1998. After a brief spell at Mapfre Seguros, I started my career at Banco del Comercio (already part of the BBVA Group) in 1999. After several moves, positions and diverse geographical locations, in 2003 I was again assigned to Madrid, where I started working as a Risk Analyst again, in various departments (CAF, CAPI and Collaborators, among others). I currently work as a Risk Analyst at ARM, where I started with Private Customers and now deal with micro-SMEs. I have been married to María José Gómez García since 2004, who is my life partner, as well as a colleague at BBVA. I have two children, Fran and Angela, who are my shining light.

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