Business Models, Information Technology, and the Company of the Future

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Professor Haim Mendelson addresses the evolution of business models while considering the huge impact of the advances in information technology. Taking a long-term view, he sees information technologies continuing to evolve along their current performance trajectory. He argues that the combined effect of mobile technologies, wearable devices and sensors, cloud computing, and “Big Data” technologies will refine the structure of future business models. To this end he envisions scenarios such as: Customer intimacy agents being customers’ digital representatives in the marketplace, using data to find and solicit solutions that will make them better off. Value chain coordinators matching supply and demand, assembling customized solutions and engaging in electronic customer-data-driven innovation. Producers increasingly engaging in marketplace selling and data-driven innovations. At the same he believes that traditional forms of innovation will continue to remain key differentiators, and that underlying business models will require continuous innovation which will likely take a traditional form, with breakthrough products still continuing to require traditional forms of innovation.