A Single Building and a Multifaceted Town: BBVA, Madrid, a Workplace for the Future

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The article from the architects who won the competition to design BBVA’s new headquarters in Madrid describes the process of formulating the urban and architectural ideas behind the exciting new building that BBVA will be moving into in 2015. They look at how the project had to find a very specific response to a unique architectural situation and also at how to create an identity that encourages new flexible models of collaborative working. Another vital issue was incorporating the criteria of sustainability as an integral part of the design process; this affected every decision, from the massing of the buildings down to the tiniest technical details. Herzog & de Meuron detail the collaborative process which demonstrated the maturity, perseverance and commitment of all parties involved; a successful collaboration which has resulted in a really outstanding building being produced, one which BBVA can call home and use in the next stage of its evolution.